The Farmer's Husband

The Farmer's Husband

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It’s all in the details

November 17, 2013

For the second installment of wedding photo-memories, we will feature the work of our dear friend and exceptional photographer Michael Persico. He is a consummate professional who captured hundreds of photos of our floral work during my time with MODA botanica, and we are fortunate to count him as a valued friend. Michael is a master at capturing the details, which we are honored to share here.7N1A8239

7N1A8243 7N1A8254 7N1A8253 7N1A8258 7N1A8297 7N1A8373 7N1A8390 7N1A8426 7N1A8441 7N1A8448 7N1A8449 7N1A8450 7N1A8484 7N1A8504 7N1A8513 7N1A8600 7N1A8629 7N1A8644 7N1A8696 7N1A8712 7N1A8726 7N1A8763 7N1A8773 7N1A8777 7N1A8823 7N1A8863 7N1A8877

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Such a magical wedding!!

pat puglise

November 17, 2013

Just too beautiful for words – the scenery, decorations, loving family and friends – it couldn’t have been better. Would love to have witnessed the event in person! Mary Oehlke


November 18, 2013

What beautiful pictures! It was an absolutely fabulous affair!

Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathleen


November 18, 2013


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