Protecting Your Skin When Gardening in the Texas Summers

Protecting Your Skin When Gardening in the Texas Summers

          Lets face it, there are many hazardous things that we have to protect ourselves from in the world. This is true and will always be true, but one of these hazards should not be the sun. Lets discuss ways to protect ourself from  the hot summer sun while not having to give up some of our favorite hobbies, outdoor landscaping and gardening.

Dermatologist Skin Care

Why This is Important

          This is so important because in order to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy there are a set amount of precautions you have to take to fully protect yourself from the sun. According to leading dermatologist at, 61,000 people die every year from skin related illnesses, with 9,940 of those deaths coming from Melanoma. I’m not telling you guys this to scare you, but instead to increase your awareness of the importance of taking the proper precautions for your skin while gardening and landscaping in the hot Texas summers. I’m glad I’ve gotten your attention now lets discuss preventative ways to combat these skin illnesses.

  1. Make sure that you are wearing clothing that covers your whole body. This means long sleeve shirts, jeans or other leg covering pants, big brimmed hats, gloves, and shoes that cover your entire foot. Sunglasses will also reflect the sun off of your face so if you have some where them too. Ideally you want to buy clothing that has built in SPF protection from UV rays.
  2. Cover your body with sunscreen, regardless of weather it is sunny or not. This is very important even if you are wearing clothing that covers your whole body and if it is shady out. You should apply sunscreen every 30-45 minutes while in the sun. You want to avoid sunscreen that is below SPF 45. Gently rub the sunscreen into your skin and wait 15 minutes before entering the sun.
  3. After being in the sun for extended periods of time, apply ALOE vera lotion or ointment to the entire surface area of your skin. Even if you have done the first 2 steps pointed out above apply the ointment anyways. This will help soothe any burning due to the sun and will help rejuvenate your skin after being dried out by the sun.

          If you can do these 3 steps you will dramatically lessen your odds of contracting any type of skin related disease or cancer. On top of that you will have beautiful and healthy skin throughout your life and maintain that way up until your late years of life. For more tips and advice on keeping your skin looking wonderful and healthy contact Dermatologist Edinburg Tx and they can assist you with any information you need regarding keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy. They are very experienced and are at the top of the field in dermatology.

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We Love Talking About Health and Gardening

There are only a few free luxuries in life as beautiful and as therapeutic as being healthy and taking care of the health of your homes landscape. Gardening can be so therapeutic because it gives you a chance to be at peace with the only thing bothering you is the tweets from the birds in the sky and the sound of trees and grass growing. Not to mention it gives you a chance to be with the earth. The earth with which you come from. There is nothing like tending my garden and feeding my animals after a long day at work.


I used to be a slob but then i decided it was time to get ahold of my health. I soon became very fascinated in fitness and my physical and mental health, specifically skin care. I started making facial scrubs to keep my skin looking natural and healthy. I even got my husband on the scrubs lol! This is just my little rant about the simple things in life and coincidently that is exactly what this blog is all about! I hope everyone has a fantastic night and to continue reading and using the advice we put out to improve your dermatological and physical health. Keep living healthy everybody!

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Informative Details About Gardening And Finding A Dermatologist In Corpus Christi

There is a big correlation between dermatology and gardening. This is because while doing gardening the hands are usually prone to being affected by various things regardless of wearing gloves or other protective materials. In Corpus Christi Texas dermatologists help people keep their hands soft and healthy even when they do landscaping daily. All that one needs is a good dermatologist in Corpus Christi Tx who will be able to provide helpful guidance.

Dermatologist cracked hands

Cleaning Hands and Skin

One of the most effective ways of keeping hands soft despite doing a lot of gardening and landscaping tasks is ensuring that the hands are cleaned thoroughly immediately after doing gardening. This is an effective way because it removes any dirt or germs that might have gotten on the hands. To effectively clean the skin on the hands one should use a soft material and the right soap which has all the necessary components that kill germs. These components and substances are readily available and a competent Corpus Christi dermatologist (Victoria Tx Dermatologist if you live outside of the city) can recommend the right substances to use. To further enhance hygiene and avoid being affected by the germs collected during gardening and landscaping one should also ensure the gloves used are always clean. They should also be high quality gloves that can let the skin on the hands breathe freely.

The Right Gardening and Landscaping Tools

Another effective way of ensuring the hands remain soft despite doing regular gardening is using the right tools. This is because there are some tools used in landscaping and gardening that can readily harm the skin on the hands by hardening them. One should choose tools which are of the right size and have proper handles. Most of the modern gardening tools are easier to use and they are designed in a way that the users are not prone to their hands being hardened ands cracked.

Finding a Dermatologist

It is also advisable to seek the help of a competent dermatologist whenever one notices any type of abnormality on the hands especially after doing gardening. These abnormalities include swellings and change in skin colors, which could be the early signs of a skin infection. The abnormalities might even not be painful but they might be an indicator of a bigger underlying problem which might escalate if left unattended. By seeking the help of a good dermatologist in Corpus Christi Tx one is able to avoid bigger health problems and therefore remain with healthy and soft hands despite doing regular gardening.

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Texas Outdoor Landscaping and it’s Relation to Skin Cancer

            I’m going to tell you guys a little story about my father that most people don’t know. Well actually not a little story, a pretty big story, a pretty damn big story. I’m 48 now but I can remember back to when i was a little kid growing up in Texas. The summers were long and the winters were short. I have very fond memories dating back to this time and can not say that I regret my childhood one bit. Except for one thing.

            My father, Herman, worked like a Trojan horse. He started a landscaping business, Central Tx Landscaping(, that was very prosperous and thriving. But as you can guess this meant that he was away from the family and away from my youth most of the time. I didn’t get to see him much but the memories that I did have were beautiful and happy. He worked his butt every single day to provide for his family and he was also one of the kindest, give you the shirt off his back, type of guy that wouldn’t harm a fly.

Beautiful Landscaping

            The relevance of me telling you all of this is that the year I went off to Houston University for college, he was diagnosed with skin cancer. His dermatologist doctor said that the many years of hard manual landscaping in the sun without wearing sunscreen had taken its tole on his skin. Four months after the diagnosis he died. My whole family was devastated and I can honestly say that the world lost a truly great man. Now the lesson learned from all of this is that:

1.) You should never put your work ahead of your family, even if it means not providing the most for them. In the end life is short and the most valuable thing that we have as humans is time and the ability to love one another, especially family.

2.) You have to wear skin protection no matter what. Even if it isn’t sunny outside sunscreen, hats, long sleeve clothes, etc is to the utmost importance. Your body is a temple and you have to do whatever you can to protect it. Eating healthy, taking care of you skin, and not abusing your body are all very important things in the long term maintenance of your body.

3.) This kind of ties back to tip one but, outsource your work. My father was a work horse like I said, but he forgot the value of time. He could have easily made a little bit less money and hired someone to run the business. Now a days My uncle runs the Seguin, Texas branch( while other sections of the business have been sectioned off to other members of the family.

            I hope I didn’t make anyone cry or scare anyone away from being outdoors. But this story rings true to my heart and reminds me to make my family and close friends as aware as possible to the hazards of the sun. My brother now owns the landscaping/ lawn care business and reminds all of his employees to wear sunscreen when out in peoples backyards.

To contact my brother about the many ways he keeps his body safe from the exposure of the sun get a hold of him at


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